Friday, June 27, 2008

More on: Flash Player 10 Beta Development Without Installing Anything


I have now built an HTML page containing my FontWheels Flash Player 10 Beta Demo which is only useful if you have installed Flash Player 10 beta.

However, to summarize my previous post, you may view Flash Player 10 Beta content without installing anything if you fear impacting your system with beta installables.  This can be done by downloading the external Flash Player 10 beta: FlashPlayer.exe.

This is not an install executable.  It is the stand-alone external player and requires no installation.  To view content on the player, execute FlashPlayer.exe and enter the URL from the File/Open menu.  The URL to my swf demo is:


Anye said...

Looks good, Jim. Now if you learn how do the same thing in WPF you could help me with stuff for work :D

Jim Freer said...

Thanks, for testing the program.

It would be interesting but I'm not sure if this type of thing can be done with WPF which is due purely to my knowledge of WPF. Maybe you could convince Microsoft to fund me to try to do it. :) But for now, I'm stuck doing what I can do in a free ($0) development environment.

Anye said...

I suspect that it can - WPF and Silverlight were created partly to compete with flash for animated "flashy" UIs. I've done some 3D rendering with WPF for fun, haven't gotten into the animation API yet though.